Melody DanceFit was founded with the intention of creating a fitness class involving self-empowerment, philanthropy, and dance. DanceFit emphasizes the idea of letting everything go and empowering yourself through music and movement. We are passionate about bringing people together and encouraging them to have a liberating workout. Don’t take yourself too seriously! You do NOT need a dance background to get a good workout, just an open mind and a positive attitude. The class is a high energy cardio workout guaranteed to keep you engaged and sweaty.  

We specialize in fitness classes and events. Private classes, corporate events, and one on one lessons are available upon request. A portion of all class profits are donated to Dress For Success. Dress For Success is an international non-profit dedicated to promoting the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support, and the career developmental tools to thrive in work and life. The mission of DanceFit is to empower others through dance fitness while giving back to a meaningful cause.

Join the Freakshow

We get down and dirty in this class. No shame. This is a safe, nonjudgemental environment. Shed your shyness and join the freakshow.

Join the Celebration

We celebrate our our bad days as much as our good days. This community always finds a reason to celebrate light and darkness by getting down and sweating it off.

Join the Movement

We strive to bring people together and give back to our community. This is more than dance and more than fitness. It's a movement to better yourself and others through a supportive community. We believe philanthropy and movement relieves stress, builds social bonds, and assists in bettering overall mental health.

  • Community through Philanthropy

    The best way to empower yourself is to empower others. The surest way to help yourself is through helping others. The core of DanceFit is rooted in community and philanthropy. Together, we empower each other and give back to our community while getting a workout in.

  • Collaboration over Competition

    In our community, collaboration takes precedence over competition. There is no competition and no comparing, we're all coming together to sweat everything out and have a good time. You can leave your ego at the door and get to know the people in class.

  • Kindness over Cattiness

    We have zero tolerance for cattiness, negativity, and judgement. We dance together to lift each other up. We believe we are the most powerful when we are welcoming, kind, and open to one another.

  • Celebrating Authenticity

    Your madness is your magic, and we want you to proudly share it with others. We want the real, raw, authentic side of you to come out in class.

  • Unorthodox Fitness

    Fitness doesn't have to be boring or strenuous. Dance doesn't have to be perfect or serious. We encourage participants to laugh at themselves if they feel silly. We take not taking ourselves too seriously, seriously.


Work with Me

I am available for private classes, corporate events, women empowerment workshops, bachelorette parties, wedding choreography, and much more. I'm always open to collaborating with good people and look forward to building an even bigger fitness community here in Austin and across the globe.

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